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Interventional Pain-Xray- Project Pain R


Interventional pain management is a subspecialty of pain treatment that utilizes the injection of local anesthetics, anti-inflammatory agents, nerve killing medicines, heat or ice applied to nerves to kill them, stimulators, or pumps that deliver medicine into the spinal fluid. These treatments provide potentially long-term pain relief without the use of addictive opioids. Additional interventional pain treatments include regenerative injection therapy, which stimulates the body to lay down new tissue to restore the integrity of a joint or muscle attachment. These techniques, which can be done under X Ray or ultrasound or even landmark-guided, can provide pain relief that allows a patient to return to more normal function.


Expanding Educational Opportunities for Physicians

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Project Pain Relief is dedicated to pain education of physicians around the world. In order to promote the highest level of pain education, Project Pain Relief provides partial scholarships for a variety of pain fellowship programs, including Singular in Brazil, Pain School International in Budapest, Hungary, and the Heuristic Institute (online).

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