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My name is Saye Zunpudolo Gorgor originally from Liberia, West Africa, now a US citizen residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I was practicing as a nurse anesthetist in Liberia when I first met Dr. Andrea M.Trescot back in 1986 through Operation Smile during Operation Smile’s first medical mission trip to Liberia. Not too long after meeting Dr. Trescot, a very bloody civil war broke out in Liberia which reduced that nation to rubbles.

Dr. Trescot sponsored me and brought me over to the USA in January, 1991 Over the years, I was able to become a naturalized US citizen and also train to become a Nurse Practitioner. I have been practicing as a nurse practitioner since May, 2004.

My goal is to some day return to Liberia and help with the delivery of quality healthcare in a nation that desperately needs all the medical expertise it can get.

Mr. Saye Gorgor: Meet the Team
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